The school aims to provide a caring and enlightened environment in which the talents of each individual flourish. We encourage students to be creative, tolerant and to strive for academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Respect for tradition and openness to innovation are equally valued.

We want students to enjoy their time here, but also to be made aware of their social and moral responsibilities. Students should enter into the adult world with the knowledge and self-belief to fulfill their own potential and to become leaders in their chosen field. Equally, we hope to foster a life-long empathy for the needs and views of others.

The school aims to provide an education to young minds that will allow them to: learn how to learn, understand how to adapt to the changing world around them, become global citizens with a local vision, develop a sense of international mindedness and cherish the individuality of man and the commonality of mankind.


Encouraging independence of thought and tailoring the learning experience to individual needs, thereby securing ever higher levels of achievement.

Focusing the students’ attention on their own development and aspirations, both at the School and beyond.

We offer open access, welcoming students on academic merit, irrespective of parental income, residential location or religious background. The resultant ability range and broad cultural mix of our pupils provide an optimum educational environment in which to prepare boys for life in the 21st Century

Emphasizing the importance of traditional values, working in partnership with parents to inculcate an attitude of tolerance, possession of good manners and pride in self-presentation.

Developing students’ awareness that they achieve genuine fulfillment and greater benefit by seeking to make a contribution to society rather than pursuing only personal gain.


We regularly analyze our performance and seek new ways to enhance learning opportunities for our students.
The high quality teaching and enrichment opportunities foster enthusiasm for learning and encourage students to realize their dreams and hopes for their futures.

Providing self confidence and courage to face life positively, respond to change and be valuable members of society.

We are dedicated to preparing them for success and fulfillment in their futures as resilient, happy and responsible young women, who will make a positive contribution to society.

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