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We founded on the principle that the smarter a business runs; the better a business grows and prospers. That simple idea is the core of every concept that Param Web Solutions brings to the marketplace. We always try to provide the optimum work quality for customer satisfaction, our team puts their best efforts to do so, we never believe in compromising with quality at any cost.

The values, which are ingrained help to promote confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. In other words, Jay Ambe offers comprehensive and holistic education. A major landmark development has been the inclusion of the physically and mentally handicapped children into the mainstream of school life.

This contributes to a strong sense of community life, so characteristic of the school. In other words, children belonging to every strata of society are given the opportunity to study here. The school, does not in any way, discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, caste or creed, in the implementation of its admission policy The critical element of the true education is the openness for the new perspectives, willing to go beyond the set boundaries and demonstrating out of the box thinking.

We believe that Integrity is the greatest assets any human being can have. Education needs to inculcate this value in the learner. The only way we can create that for the learner is leading by an example.


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